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Working with Your Contractor

Installing custom concrete finishes on the slab of a home before the walls are erected is a great way to ensure seamless texture and more consistent color throughout the entire flooring surface. This is especially true for scored patterns in the floor, so that the pattern can continue under walls or cabinets.

If you are building a new home in Houston and are considering a pattern stamped concrete floor or an acid stain finish, contact Concrete Decor Company at your earliest opportunity. It is best to contact us even before the slab is poured to discuss the most options for your floor finish. We can help you determine the best timeline for your floor finishes and can work closely with your builder to coordinate the installation. However, if your slab is already poured, Concrete Decor Company can still install any finish you desire for your floors.

Concrete Decor Company can also provide instruction on how to protect your finished floor during the final stages of your build. For example, after the floors have been stained and allowed to dry, the floors will need to be covered to protect them from spills such as paint or glue, and even the effects of drywall dust, that can result during the remainder of the build. The material used to cover the floor is very important, as any non-breathable protective material will affect the final appearance of the stained floor by leaving an outline of its shape on the floor. We recommend a cover material that allows any remaining water vapor to escape, such as breathable cloth tarps.