Colored Concrete

As the worlds most common floor surfacing material, concrete provides the benefits of durability, lower cost, longevity, ease of maintenance, and more flexibility of color choices than any other flooring surface. By choosing colored concrete for your pool deck or office entryway, you can select a warm or cool shade that matches your existing decor and sets the tone of business or play.

There are two methods used by Concrete Decor Company for coloring concrete. One method is to add the color to the concrete mixture before it is poured. This provides even color throughout the entire pour, not just on the surface of the concrete. In this method, the color is mixed inside the truck. This method can sometimes be slightly more expensive because of the increased amount of coloring agent used. In the second method, the color is spread onto the surface by hand after a concrete is poured, and worked into the surface using hand tools. Both methods are excellent for adding color to concrete. Which method is used depends on the look the customer is trying to accomplish.

After the color is applied and worked into the fresh cement, a release/hardener is applied. The release/hardener serves a duel purpose: it adds a tremendous amount of strength to the finish, and it highlights the color, giving the surface a defining and distinguished look.

Colored Concrete can be used in combination with any of our floor finishes created by Concrete Decor Company. For ideas and examples of ways to combine colored concrete with pattern-stamping, visit our Gallery.

Concrete Decor Company offers 24 color choices for Colored Concrete.